Monogram Hunters – Blood Sweat And Tears (2CD Set)


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Release Date: 2021

Label: Monogram Hunters


Track List

Disc: 1

  1. First And Last Stop Bar owner Carolyn Cushonberry – spoken
  2. Monogram Hunters
  3. Trail Chief Eric Burt project intro – spoken
  4. Big Chief Pie intro -spoken
  5. Ooh Nah Nay
  6. Big Chief Pie on Monogram Hunters history – spoken
  7. Golden Crown
  8. 2nd Chief Jeremy intro – spoken
  9. Sew Sew Sew
  10. Flag Boy Terry – spoken
  11. You Ain’t No Indian (by 2nd Chief Jeremy)
  12. Wildman Chito Pa – spoken
  13. Meet Me On The Mound (by Wildman Chito Pa)

Disc: 2

  1. Gang Flag John Steward – spoken
  2. Let’s Go Get Em
  3. Trail Chief Eric Burt – spoken
  4. Hey Hey
  5. Big Queen Denice – spoken
  6. Eliza Jane
  7. Gang Flag Stacey – spoken
  8. Hold’Em Joe
  9. 2nd Chief Jeremy on Mardi Gras morning – spoken
  10. Swallow Water
  11. Big Chief Pie on Two Way Pocky Way – spoken
  12. Two Way Pocky Way
  13. 2nd Chief Jeremy on masking – spoken
  14. Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me
  15. Big Chief Pie on Indian Red – spoken
  16. Indian Red
  17. Big Chief Pie closing – spoken
  18. 2nd Chief Jeremy closing – spoken



Blood Sweat and Tears welcomes listeners to the Monogram Hunters’ Sunday night Indian practice at the First and Last Stop Bar. The chants and ringing tambourines of the Black Masking Indian tribe were recorded live at the 7th Ward establishment, capturing the authentic spirit of this long-standing tradition. The sound represents the closest one might come to experiencing the passion, power and fun of practices where unmasked members of the tribe hone and pass on their rituals to the next generation.



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