Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Russ Meyer’s Vixen (Vinyl LP)


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*This is a Vinyl LP*

Release Date:  2021

Label:  Real Gone Music


Track List

Side A

1. Theme of “The Vixen” (Main Title)
2. Niles Threatens Vixen
3. Janet’s Theme
4. O’Banion’s Theme
5. Vixen Gets Excited

Side B

1. Canadian Romp
2. O’Banion Spins His Web
3. In a Blue Mood
4. Niles Confronts Vixen
5. Conversation Piece
6. Vixen’s Dilemma (End Title)



A rollicking mix of rock ‘n’ roll, bump-and-grind jazz, and old-fashioned widescreen, string-heavy vistas.

Color vinyl edition limited to 750 copies!

The first film to get an “X” for its sex scenes meets its musical match with composer Bill Loose’s score, which seamlessly sets the scene whether erotic, humorous, satirical or just plain silly.

William “Bill” Loose is one of those cult composers whose work you’ve heard much more than you’ve heard of the man himself. During WWII, he led the U.S. Army Air Forces Orchestra in New York, and then was hired in the mid-‘50s to be in charge of Capitol’s extensive musical cue library (at one time two dozen TV shows were using his cues)! From there he branched out into composing themes for shows such as The Hollywood Squares and serving as Musical Director for The Doris Day Show. Starting in the late ‘60s, though, Loose’s career took a sharp left turn, as he composed soundtracks for some of the most notorious “B” movies of all time including the outlaw biker film The Rebel Rousers and Jack Hill’s The Swinging Cheerleaders.

But what lends his career true cult status is without a doubt the work he did for sexploitation director Russ Meyer; Loose composed the soundtracks for many of Meyer’s films, but unfortunately only these two, Vixen and Cherry…& Harry & Raquel ever were released on LP. Which is too bad…each is a rollicking mix of rock and roll, absurdist program music, bump-and-grind jazz, and old-fashioned widescreen, string-heavy vistas. Real Gone Music is proud to present the first-ever vinyl reissues of these cult classic soundtracks. each mastered in 45 RPM for maximum audio pleasure!

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