Prince – Come (Vinyl LP)


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Release Date:  2023

Label:  Legacy


Track List

Side A

  1. Come
  2. Space
  3. Pheromone
  4. Loose!

Side B

  1. Papa
  2. Race
  3. Dark
  4. Solo
  5. Letitgo
  6. Orgasm



With the album cover art depicting Prince in front of a cemetery gate, and the years 1958-1993 scrawled under his birth name, it was clear that 1994 would mean the beginning of a new era for a newly reborn artist. Come would be the final album to be released under the name “Prince” until 2001’s The Rainbow Children, and it serves as the first chapter in a new era of his artistry — an era when he would simply be known by his unpronounceable symbol, and would establish himself as a commercially independent, revolutionary force in the music industry.

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