Professor Longhair – Mardi Gras In New Orleans: Complete Recordings 1949-1962 (2 CD Set)


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Release Date:  2013

Label:  Jasmine Records


Track List

Disc One

1. Bald Head
2. Hey Now Baby
3. Byrd’s Blues
4. Her Mind Is Gone
5. Oh Well
6. Hadacol Bounce
7. Longhair Stomp
8. Been Foolin’ Around
9. Between the Night and Day (In the Wee Wee Hours)
10. Professor Longhair’s Boogie
11. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
12. She Ain’t Got No Hair
13. Bye Bye Baby
14. Hey Now Baby
15. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
16. She Walks Right in
17. Walk Your Blues Away
18. Professor Longhair Blues
19. Hey Little Girl
20. Willie Mae
21. Boogie Woogie
22. Longhair’s Blues – Rhumba
23. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
24. She Walks Right in

Disc Two

1. K. C. Blues
2. Curly Haired Baby
3. Rockin’ with Fess
4. Gone So Long
5. East St Louis Baby
6. Boyd’s Bounce
7. In the Night
8. Tipitina
9. Ball the Wall
10. Who’s Been Fooling You
11. Tipitina (Alternate Take)
12. No Buts No Maybes
13. Cry Pretty Baby
14. Look What Your Doin’ to Me
15. Misery
16. Looka No Hair
17. Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand
18. Cuttin’ Out
19. If I Only Knew
20. Go to the Mardi Gras
21. Everyday Everynight
22. Whole Lotta Twistin’
23. I Believe I’m Gonna Leave
24. Everybody’s Blowin’ PT 1
25. Everybody’s Blowin’ PT 2



EU-only two CD collection. This superb set is the most comprehensive collection from New Orleans’ greatest and most influential R&B pianist, Professor Longhair. Includes both sides of all his major 78s and 45s he released between 1949 and 1962. Professor Longhair’s music is played in his hometown so often and so reverently you’d swear he was still around. Moreover just recently, Hugh Laurie has given him huge endorsements upon the release of his latest critically acclaimed album. Jasmine.

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