Radiators – Welcome to the Monkey House (Vinyl LP)


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*This is a Vinyl LP*

Release Date:  2019

Label:  Radz Records


Track List

Side A

  1. Welcome to the Monkey House
  2. Time to Rise and Shine
  3. Back to Loveland
  4. King Earl

Side B

  1. Bring Me the Head of Issac Newton
  2. Run Red Run
  3. Make You Say Hot dog
  4. 16 Monkeys on a Seesaw

Side C

  1. I Got a Buzz On
  2. Nightbird
  3. Fishhead man
  4. The Fountains of Neptune

Side D

  1. One Monkey
  2. Ride Ride She Cried
  3. Doubled -Up in a Knot
  4. First Snow



  • El Volker – vocals, keys, percussion
  • Dave malone – vocals, guitars
  • Camil Baudoin – guitars
  • Reggie Scanlan – bass
  • Frank Bua, Jr. – drums

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