Reverend Charlie Jackson – God’s Got It: The Legendary Booker and Jackson Singles (Re-mastered Expanded Edition)


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Release Date: 2018

Label: Casequarter


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Re-mastered 2018 edition of this highly acclaimed collection features new, exceptionally high-resolution vinyl transfers -&- includes an additional since-revealed Booker single (both sides!). Ever since Reverend Charlie Jackson’s Booker singles were discovered by gospel collectors in the early 1970s and began to trickle out to a wider audience, Charlie Jackson’s primal, funky guitar riffs have astounded listeners. Raw and unadorned and at other times spare and lyrical, his Booker and Jackson label recordings are infused with sanctified energy and singing. Further to his own singles here are records by Brother Ike Gordon, Caravan No. 2 of Zachary, and Laura Davis, which feature Reverend Jackson as accompanist. Until this album’s initial 2003 release, these records had never been collected together and had never been issued on CD. As Rolling Stone noted at the time, “In the 1970s, this Mississippi-born man of God made a series of holy-blues singles for the tiny Booker and Jackson labels. This set has ’em all: heated sermons of need, devotion and joy, blessed by Jackson’s thunder-and-Lightnin’ Hopkins voice and crusty-tremelo, railroad-boogie riffing.” And, in The New York Times: “The songs here were collector’s-item singles that the White Stripes must wish they owned.” This set also includes a 16-page booklet with rare photos, discography, and extensive liner notes covering Reverend Jackson’s life and career.

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