Sam Cooke – Hits Of The 50’s (Vinyl LP)


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*This is a Vinyl LP*

Release Date:  2015

Label:  Waxtime


Track List

Side A

  1. Hey There
  2. Mona Lisa
  3. Too Young
  4. The Great Pretender
  5. You, You, You
  6. Unchained Melody
  7. Under Paris Skies (*)

Side B

  1. The Wayward Wind
  2. Secret Love
  3. The Song from Moulin Rouge
  4. I’m Walking Behind You
  5. Cry
  6. Venus
  7. The House I Live In (*)



This quintessential LP includes Sam Cooke’s sensational album, Hits of the 50’s, a cover album consisting of the singer’s interpretations of songs popularized by such artists as Nat King Cole, Frankie Avalon, and Doris Day. Originally released by RCA-Victor in August 1960, this masterpiece was conceived by Hugo and Luigi (RCA in-house producers at the time) as a “theme” oriented album of classic ‘50s standards in a time-honored strategy for broadening an R&B singer’s appeal by reaching out to a mainstream white audience. It features well-know tunes, such as “The Great Pretender,” and “Unchained Melody,” as well as smooth ballads like “Venus,” and “Mona Lisa,” among others. In addition to the original LP, this WaxTime collector’s edition includes 2 bonus tracks from his previous studio album, Cooke’s Tour (RCA, 1960), which wasrecorded only two weeks before the Hits of the 50’s sessions. Among the session musicians are the outstanding jazz guitarist Barry Galbraith and vibraphonist Eddie Costa.

Sam Cooke, vocals on all tracks.

Orquestra arranged and conducted by Glenn Osser, plus:

SIDE 1 (1-3) & (6) and SIDE 2 (2-4):
Al Casamenti, Barry Galbraith, Charles Macey, Clifton White (guitar),
Lloyd Trotman (bass), Bunny Shawker (drums), Andy Ackers (piano),
James Buffington (French horn), Julius Baker (flute),
Eddie Costa (vibes), Gloria Agostini (harp).
Recorded at RCA Victor’s Studio B, March 23, 1960, New York City.

SIDE 1 (4-5) and SIDE 2 (1), (5 & 6):
Arthur Ryerson, Clifton White (guitar), Lloyd Trotman (bass),
Bunny Shawker (drums), George Gaber (perc.), Billy Rowland (piano), James Buffington, Anthony Miranda (French horn), Jerome Weiner (flute), Gloria Agostini, Laura Newell (harp).
Recorded at RCA Victor’s Studio B, March 24, 1960, New York City.

(*) Bonus Tracks

Al Chernet, Clifton White (g), George Duvivier (b)
Bunny Shawker (d), Morris Wechsler (p), Jerome Weiner (fl),
Hinda Barnett, James Bloom, Anthony DiGirolamo, Felix Giglio,
Morris Lefkowitz, Ben Miller, David Nadien, Felix Orlewitz,
Frank Siegfried, Ralph Silverman, Harry Urbont, Frank Siegfried,
Paul Winter (violin), David Mankovitz, Isadore Zir (viola),
Ray Schweitzer (cello), Abe Rosen (harp).
Recorded at RCA Victor’s Studio A, March 3, 1960, New York City.

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