Scott Kettner – The Essential Pandeiro Method (Book)


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Release Date:  2022

Publisher: Scott Kettner

ISBN:  978-1-66783-852-6

Softcover,  70 pages

The Essential Pandeiro Method is designed to take you step by step in developing good technique. The book also explores different grooves and drum set approaches to the pandeiro. There are lessons suitable for absolute beginners and some that will challenge even the most experienced player.

“Scott is an astute observer and is artful at clearly breaking down the nuances of Brazilian percussion. In his new book, The Essential Pandeiro Method, he clearly demonstrates his step-by-step process to developing the fundamental skills needed to play the pandeiro in a highly musical and fluid way. I’ve practiced some of Scott’s methods myself and I highly recommend this book for anyone serious about learning the wonderful art of playing pandeiro.” 

 — Stanton Moore, Drummer/Galactic




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