Seth Walker – Sky Still Blue


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Release Date – 2014

Label – Royal Potato Family

Track List

  1. Easy Come, Easy Go
  2. Trouble ( Don’t Want No )
  3. Grab A Hold
  4. Another Day
  5. Tomorrow
  6. All That I’m Askin’
  7. High Wire
  8. For A Moment There
  9. Either Way I Lose
  10. Jesus ( Make My Bed )
  11. Way Too Far



Kevin Calabro     Management
Eric Conn     Mastering
Brandon Conway     Assistant
Brigitte DeMeyer     Vocals (Background)
Gary Dorsey     Art Direction, Package Design
Nick Joswick     Overdub Engineer
Steve Mackey     Bass
V. McCoy     Composer
The McCrary Sisters     Vocals (Background)
Ephraim Owens     Trumpet
Derrek Phillips     Drums, Percussion
Mike Poole     Engineer, Mixing
Jano Rix     Drums, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Vocals (Background), Wurlitzer
Ben Simonetti     Assistant
Sean Sullivan     Overdub Engineer
Seth Walker     Composer, Guitar, Primary Artist, Vocals
Chris Wood     Bass (Upright)
Oliver Wood     Composer, Guitar, Producer, Vocals (Background


Seth Walker

Sky Still Blue

(Royal Potato Family)

Guitarist and songwriter Seth Walker cultivates an ominous and sexy sound on his latest recording, Sky Still Blue. Bassists Steve Mackey and Chris Wood and drummer Derrek Philips keep a subtle groove going amid Jano Rix’s unassuming keyboard parts and in-the-pocket rhythm and lead guitars courtesy of Walker and producer Oliver Wood. Walker’s writing on this record stakes its claim on the joys, sorrows and foibles of male/female relationships. There are odes to seizing the moment in “Tomorrow” and a series of humorous-yet-poignant images set to upbeat rhythms in “Another Day.” His version of the singer/songwriter takes more from jazz and blues, which give the record a vibe more toward Bill Withers and Keb Mo than the country/folk orientation that comes to mind when the term “singer/songwriter” is used. He takes a jazzy turn in the come-on “All that I’m Asking” and turns bluesy on “High Wire.” Walker’s voice adds a veteran weariness to his lyrics, giving them added meaning. He sounds like he knows of what he speaks. Whether on the up-tempo or slower numbers, there’s a hip-swinging, easy grind and spin dance to this tunes. The music is intimate and sounds close to the ear. It stays within a welcome range of tone and sound, and in that Walker writes and plays his songs with a great degree of truth and conviction. Walker recently moved to New Orleans and, though his music is not what is typically thought of as New Orleans music, it fits well here in a city that celebrates songs as well as groove.

David Kunian


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