The Cajun Country Revival – Greetings From Louisiana


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Release Year: 2014

Label: Valcour Records

Track List

  1. Au Bal Chez ‘Tit Maurice
  2. J’suis Parti Au Texas
  3. Mon Tour Va Venir
  4. La Valse D’orpheline
  5. La ‘Tite Fille De La Campagne
  6. A Man I Hardly Know
  7. Cajun Hot Shoes
  8. La Valse De Militaire
  9. Galope/ Alton’s Two-Steo
  10. Cafe Chaud
  11. Le Temps Apres Finir
  12. La Danse a John Poullard


  • Joel Savoy – Fiddle
  • Jesse Lege – Cajun Accordion

Reviewed In OffBeat

Dan Willging (November 2014 Issue)

Just as they did on 2011’s The Right Combination, Jesse Legé and Joel Savoy join forces with Foghorn String Band’s Nadine Landry and Sammy Lind, but this time as a slimmed down quartet rather than as the original septet. With the exception of Landry’s belting performance on Loretta Lynn’s “A Man I Hardly Know,” the rest is pure, unadulterated trad Cajun done a la acoustic without an electric rhythm section. Such an unencumbered setting makes it easy to appreciate Legé’s stately, precise accordion playing and Savoy’s world-class virtuosity on fiddle.

The varying arrangements keep the proceedings vibrant and fresh with each track sounding different than its predecessor. The popping instrumental “Cajun Hot Shoes” glides into Nathan Abshire’s “La Valse du Militaire” that shifts into a scintillating pair of Dennis McGee fiddle tunes. That type of ebb and flow is prevalent throughout.

The song selection isn’t your typical fare but is more of the deep-cut variety, as evidenced by unsung talent Leroy Broussard’s rocking “Café Chaud” and graceful “J’suis Parti au Texas.” A melody from John Poullard is re-christened here as “La Danse à John Poullard” since its actual title has long since been forgotten.

As a vocalist, Legé recalls—somewhat—the classic Cajun vocalists on six tracks while never compromising his own identity. Landry tackles three more for yet another diversifying change of pace. The old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies here—but it never hurts to tune it up some, as Cajun Country Revival does, and give it another kick.

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