Tuba Skinny – Magnolia Stroll: A Compilation Of Original Works (CD)



Release Date: 2022

Label: Tuba Skinny


Track List

1. Trickster’s Rag (Shaye Cohn)
2. Chalmette Sunsets (Barnabus Jones)
3. Mighty Anchor (Robin Rapuzzi)
4. Magnolia Stroll (Max Bien-Kahn)
5. Pyramid Strut (Shaye Cohn)
6. Ida Wobble (Robin Rapuzzi)
7. Proximity Effect (Craig Flory)
8. Elysian Fields (Shaye Cohn)
9. Last Minute Waltz (Max Bien-Kahn)
10. Minor Fret (Craig Flory)
11. Kickin the Rocks (Robin Rapuzzi)
12. Six Feet Down (Erika Lewis/Barnabus Jones)
13. Diamond Dove Song (Shaye Cohn)
14. Little Dog on the Levee (Max Bien-Kahn)
15. Deep Bayou Moan (Shaye Cohn)



Craig Flory: clarinet
Shaye Cohn: cornet; piano on track 15
Barnabus Jones: trombone
Max Bien-Kahn: resonator guitar and tenor banjo
Greg Sherman: guitar
Erika Lewis: bass drum on tracks 1, 4-6, 11-12; vocals on track 12
Todd Burdick: sousaphone: upright bass on track 3
Robin Rapuzzi: washboard; kit on track 3
Jason Lawrence: 6 string banjo on tracks 2-3, 7-10, 12-14



Magnolia Stroll is an ode to all the musicians, alive and dead who have nurtured and inspired them along their journey, as well as to the city of New Orleans and the neighborhoods that took them under their wings and continue to do so.

Magnolia Stroll features compositions from band members Erika Lewis, Shaye Cohn, Robin Rapuzzi, Barnabus Jones, Craig Flory, and Max Bien-Kahn.

Recorded by Ross Farbe in January, April and October of 2021 at the Tigermen Den, New Orleans, LA

Track 15 recorded in December 2021 at Marigny Studios, New Orleans, LA

Mixed by Ross Farbe
Mastered by Carl Saff
Album Art by Shaye Cohn










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