Various Artists – Music Of New Orleans, Vol. 1 – Rarities


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Release Year: 2012

Label: M.O.NO. Records

Track List

  1. St. Louis Blues (Recorded 1949)
  2. Guitar Blues (Recorded 1949)
  3. High Society (Recorded 1950)
  4. Honky Tonk Town (Recorded 1950)
  5. Tiger Rag (Recorded 1946)
  6. High Society (Recorded 1946)
  7. Clarinet Marmalade (Recorded 1951)
  8. Bil Bailey (Recorded 1951)
  9. Dippermouth Blues (Recorded 1951)
  10. High Society (Recorded 1951)
  11. Mahogany Hall Stomp (Recorded 1951)
  12. Panama (Recorded 1950)
  13. Heebie Jeebies (Recorded 1950)
  14. BugleĀ  Boy March (Recorded 1950)


  • Wooden Joe Nicholas – Trumpet
  • Raymond Burke – Clarinet, Piccolo
  • Joe Avery – Trombone
  • Louis Gallaud – Piano
  • Johnny St. Cyr- Guitar
  • Austin Young – String Bass
  • Bob Matthews – Drums
  • George Girard – Trumpet
  • Bujie Centobi – Clarinet
  • Santo Pecora – Trombone
  • Armand Hug – Piano
  • Bud Loyacano – String Bass
  • Ray Bauduc – Drums
  • Elmer Talbert – Trumpet
  • Albert Burbank – Clarinet
  • Lester Lewis – Piano
  • Albert Jiles – Drums
  • Alvin Alcorn – Trumpet
  • Alphonse Picou – Clarinet
  • Bill Mathews – Trombone
  • Alton Purnell – Piano
  • Lawrence Marrero – Banjo
  • Richard Alexis – String Bass
  • Happy Goldston – Drums
  • Percy Humphrey – Trumpet
  • George Lewis – Clarient
  • Jim Robinson – Trombone
  • Alcide Pavagrau – String Bass
  • Joe Watkins – Drums


All track previously unreleased material.

For this first issue we are presenting some extremely rare titles which have never before seen the light of day.

The two Raymond Burke/Wooden Joe Nicholas titles (1 & 2) are something I was not in possession of when I issued AMCD-47. These 2 songs, which were found in the New Orleans Flea Market of all places, complete the Paradox material.

Title number three is from the collection of Raymond Burke. How wonderful is “High Society” on Piccolo?

“Honky Tonk Town” (4) celebrates the return to New Orleans of drummer Ray Bauduc. He had been with Bob Crosby’ Bobcats for years and this is a title that has been in my collection forever because of the drumming, mostly. It is a great example of a medium temp[ adaption of an old warhorse.

Undoubtedly the rarest of the rare are “tiger Rag” (5) and a partial “High Society” (6). These were salvaged from the collection of my friend Sam Charters. They are recordings done on two acetates that Sam acquired in the fifties from the drum player Albert Jiles. They were in terrible shape but sound engineer Richard Bird and I worked on them for eleven straight hours. They are Elmer Talbert’s first recordings ever and I’m sorry the fidelity is so bad. (Remember Joe Oliver’s “Zulu’s Ball”?). But they are priceless.

Next are five titles by Richard Alexis’ Band (Pictures on the front cover at the Mardi Gras Lounge in 1951). This was a working unit of several months and it shows.

The three George Lewis Band titles, which have been in my collection for years, have never been issued before and are, simply put – magnificent.

Barry Martyn (New Orleans 2015)

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