Various Artists – Musicians, Mentors & Barroom Heroes (2CD Set)


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*Music and interviews recorded live at WHIV FM New Orleans*

Release Date:  2018

Label:  Independent


Track List

Disc One

  1. Intro, Take 47 –  Laura DeFazio feat. Checkpoint Charlie
  2. LAKE PONTCHARTRAIN on the 4th of JULY –  Truman Holland feat. Red DeVecca
  3. Bed Bugs, etc.  – “Guitar” Lissa Driscoll, plus Bob Bateman and Laura DeFazio
  4. Washboard Lissa meets Nervous Duane –  Lissa Driscoll, Laura DeFazio, Bob Bateman, Shawn Williams
  5. Me. Not you. (BEGGIN’ intro) –  Shawn Williams, Laura DeFazio, Amber Mouton
  6. GOT ME BEGGIN’  – Shawn Williams feat. Amber Mouton
  7. FRIENDS LIKE STRANGERS –  Rose Cangelosi
  8. Between the men and the kids… (ALONE intro)  – Patrick Cooper
  9. ALONE AT LAST  – Patrick Cooper
  10. Jonnie Two-Time’s Big Announcement –  Chris DeFazio, Laura DeFazio
  11. A reading from Pizza Mike –  Pizza Mike
  12. ALCOHOL  – Sabertooth Swing [The Kinks]
  13. SHAKE YOUR BOOTY BABY –  Lili Dove
  14. Mentors, shout-outs, etc.  – Laura DeFazio, Judy Hill, Bob Worth, Jamey St. Pierre, Vanessa Niemann
  15. NOWHERE –  Andre Lovett
  16. THICK AS A BRICK  – Mike Dill [Jethro Tull]
  17. DIAMONDS AND GOLD –  JP Landry [Langhorne Slim]
  18. Credit card insights –  Pizza Mike
  19. “Don’t treat it like Disneyland” (REBUILDIN’ intro) –  Bob Worth
  20. REBUILDIN’ BLUES –  Bob Worth
  21. Frenchmen Street over the years  – Curtis Casados, Pizza Mike, Laura DeFazio
  22. SOUND ON SOUND  – Carolyn Broussard & Dick Deluxe
  23. SHOO FLY  – Big Chief Kevin Goodman, plus Lola B.
  24. Sew ’til that morning comes…  – Big Chief Kevin Goodman
  25. BAD KIDS –  Ted Hefko
  26. Artemis laugh track – Artemis, Shameus Greymountain (feat. Jonathan Jamiesion)
  27. Whales, birthdays, merriment –  Natasha Sanchez, et. al.
  28. A little fun on a Sunday (MY BABE intro) –  Judy Hill
  29. MY BABE –  Judy Hill feat. Rory Collins, Ted Hefko, Jamey St. Pierre, Bob Worth, etc. [Little Walter]
  30. For the love of music –  Judy Hill, Jamey St. Pierre, Shawn Williams, Washboard Lissa, Laura DeFazio


Disc Two

  2. PITY PARTY –  Gina Forsyth
  3. Fondest memories of the Ooh Poo Pah Doo  – Martha Alguera, Michael Connor, Reynard Green, Laura DeFazio
  4. A rabbit or a squirrel?  – Rory Collins, Stacey Bridewell, Laura DeFazio
  5. THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE –  Rory Collins
  6. Where’s Darby? (BAD MAN intro) –  Lou Roux, Laura DeFazio
  7. BAD BAD MAN –  Lou Roux
  8. Fall in New Orleans…  – Stacey Bridewell, Laura DeFazio
  9. STILL AS THE NIGHT  – Ron Hotstream & Tina Jamieson [Sandford Clark]
  10. WHERE is Darby?!? (“Darby’s on the floor”) –  Laura DeFazio, Natasha Sanchez, Shawn Williams, Pizza Mike, etc.
  11. Jonnie Two-Time’s Lucky Winner –  Laura DeFazio
  12. HATCHET MAN –  Jean Bayou
  13. Love story (HELL intro) –  Matthew & Melissa DeOrazio
  14. HELL AND BACK –  The Dirty Rain Revelers
  15. WHERE THE F IS Darby?!@?  – Marc Paradis, Natasha Sanchez, etc.
  16. Elvis-Graceland-Katrina (HANDLE intro) –  Natasha Sanchez
  17. GETTING A HANDLE  – Natasha Sanchez feat. Patrick Cooper
  18. PLEASE COME HOME –  Neela
  19. Damn a man. –  Lou Roux, Michael Darby
  20. We have a jingle…  – Stacey
  21. RESTLESS SOUL –  Darby, Nervous Duane, Mike Hood, Carrie B., Little Tony, et. al.
  22. When Duane played clarinet –  Darby
  23. He’ll be back if he lives… (“Spite” intro)  – Nervous Duane, Laura DeFazio
  24. The Spite Of Spring [excerpt] –  Nervous Duane feat. Laura DeFazio
  25. A lot like Checkpoint  – Stella Salmen
  26. Rare Form, Checkpoint’s, and old friends… (STRANGER intro)  – Jim Smith
  28. BOUND  – Joey Oakley
  29. Pizza’s Prompt Answer, Washboard Lissa reprise [Sparrows, etc.], Etc.  – Pizza Mike, Laura DeFazio, Washboard Lissa
  30. *In Conclusion*: Everything is about Whale Fest, alcohol is not memory food, and something *is* happening right now. (AKA, BLOOPER REEL) –  Miscellaneous Lurkers
  31. P.S.


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