Various Artists – New Orleans Soul ’60’s Watch Records


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Release Date:  2000

Label:  Mardi Gras Records


Track List

  1. Here You Come Again – The Crescents & The McMillan Sisters
  2. Bald Head – Professor Longhair
  3. Coppin’ A Plea – Raymond Lewis
  4. All My Love Belongs To You – Tommy Ridgley
  5. Big Chief (Complete Version) – Professor Longhair / Vocals: Earl King
  6. Release Me – Johnny Adams
  7. Love That Girl – Dell Stewart
  8. Please Mr. Genie – Bennie Spellman
  9. Third House From The Corner – Professor Longhair & The Clippers
  10. I’m Waiting (To Give My Love To You) – Leona Buckles
  11. I Want Some Money – Tommy Ridgley
  12. You Made A New Man Out Of Me – Johnny Adams
  13. Mr. Credit Man – Dell Stewart
  14. Love Is The Thing – Raymond Lewis
  15. There Is Something On Your Mind – Professor Longhair
  16. Some Day – Johnny Adams
  17. Didn’t I Tell You – Dell Stewart
  18. Reconsider Me – Johnny Adams
  19. Let My Lover Go – Dell Stewart
  20. Part Of Me – Johnny Adams
  21. Willie The Prince – Professor Longhair & The Clippers
  22. Slow Down Baby – Benny Spellman
  23. That’s All She Left Me – The Crescents
  24. Someday They’ll Understand – Benny Spellman
  25. Walk On Don’t Cry – Benny Spellman
  26. I Believe I’ll Find Happiness – Johnny Adams


These are treasures from the vaults of Watch Records. Some were regional hits that were later covered by other artists, and others have through time become a part of the New Orleans lexicon, through Jazz Fest and related activities. Some of the artists are familiar, five cuts by Professor Longhair and six by the “Tan Canary” Johnny Adams, but most are not known outside of New Orleans, though they deserve much wider recognition. People such as Leona Buckles, Tommy Ridgley, and Dell Stewart show what the folks of New Orleans have known for years, this is a town with that deep-felt soul that is a hybrid mixing of the blues and gospel music, exposing the heart to view. It takes many forms, from the doo wop of the Crescents & the McMillian Sisters to the hybridization of African and Caribbean rhythms combined with the natural rhythms of the streets that is Professor Longhair’s trademark and with many ear-opening stops in between. Watch Records was a combination of the energies of Earl King and Wardell Quezergue recording many of their contemporaries such as Professor Longhair, Eddie Bo, and Tommy Ridgley doing what they do best. Listen to “I Want Some Money” by Tommy Ridgley and recognize the song that became a hit for Barrett Strong. The only thing to change about this most generous length disc is to give some of the lesser known people some more play time. To its credit, it for the most part stays away from the well-known songs and gives a look at some of the lesser-known gems that flowed from these artists. It is a good solid look at one of the strongest and most influential areas of New Orleans music.

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