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Mystery Street Records is proud to present “Nine Lives, A Musical Adaptation (Volume 1)” by Colman deKay and Paul Sanchez, a two CD collection of 24 original songs, released March 1, 2011. Over one hundred musicians (mostly from New Orleans) perform on the album, including Irma Thomas, Allen Toussaint, John Boutte, Lillian Boutte, Wendell Pierce (from HBO’s Treme), Broadway star and Tony Award winning actor/singer Michael Cerveris, Kevin Griffin, Michelle Shocked, Harry Shearer, Shamarr Allen, The Dixie Cups and Mayor Mitch Landrieu. The Nine Lives album is a musical adaptation of the New York Times bestselling book “Nine Lives” by Dan Baum (New York: Spiegel & Grau, 2009). The non-fiction book is a remarkable oral history of New Orleans in the forty years (1965-2005) between the twin catastrophes known as Betsy and Katrina as seen through the eyes of nine of its citizens. The album includes the first 24 songs imagined for a theatrical production and is anticipated to become a Broadway musical.

Track List

First Line

  1. Fine in the Lower Nine
  2. Blow My Own Horn
  3. It’s Like A Dance
  4. I Wish It Was Tomorrow
  5. How Very Like Sweet Anne
  6. Run Against You and Win
  7. Now That Kathy’s Gone
  8. Tootie
  9. Bring the Mountain to Him
  10. Could Have Been Worse
  11. Feel Like a Lade
  12. Why Can’t I See Tomorrow?


Second Line

  1. We Are the Band
  2. Jump Out Boys
  3. Walking On Glass
  4. Full-Time JoAnn
  5. The King Of Mardi Gras
  6. House Of Dance And Feathers
  7. JoAnn
  8. Where Are The Bodies
  9. You And Me
  10. Should’ve Beens
  11. To Be Continued
  12. Rebuild Renew



  • Michael Cerveris
  • Harry Shearer
  • Bryan Batt
  • Paul Sanchez
  • Tara Brewer
  • Shamarr Allen
  • Eric Bolivar
  • Lillian Boutte
  • Tanya Boutte
  • Tricia Boutte
  • Mark Braud
  • Debbie Davis
  • Arsene DeLay
  • Caleb Guillotte
  • Tione Johnson
  • Craig Klein
  • Vatican Lokey
  • Jesse Moore
  • Eric Pollard
  • Tricia Boutte’
  • Vance Vaucresson
  • Tootie Montana
  • Luke Winslow-King
  • Matt Perrine


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