Various Artists – Rhythm & Blues Hell Raisers V.2 (CD)


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Release Date: 2024

Label: Koko Mojo


Track List

01. Crawford Brothers – I Ain’t Guilty
02. Sonny Knight – Jail Bird
03. Bobby Smith – Don’t Shake Those Hips At Me
04. Blow-Top Lynn And Melvin Smith – Rampaging Mama
05. Ivory Joe Hunter – I Got Your Water On
06. Cab Calloway – Papa’s In Bed With His Britches On
07. Annie Laurie And Paul Gayten – I Ain’t Gonna Let You In
08. Little Caesar – Who Slammed The Door
09. Fats Domino – You Done Me Wrong
10. Kid Guitar Thompson – My Baby Done Me Wrong
11. Jimmy Nelson – I Sat And Cried
12. Wilbert Harrison – Women And Whiskey
13. Varetta Dillard – Scorched
14. Boogaloo – Talk About A Party
15. John Greer And Dolores Brown – You Played On My Piano
16. Three Bits Of Rhythm – Root Beer Sizzle Sazzle Sizzle
17. Hadda Brooks – Hip Shakin’ Boogie
18. The Aristo-Kats – Jack, You’re Dead
19. The “5” Royales – I’m Gonna Run It Down
20. The Meadow Larks – Pass The Gin
21. Big Jay McNeely And Jesse Belvin – All That Wine Is Gone
22. Pig Meat Markham – Your Wires Have Been Tapped
23. Roy Brown – Whose Hat Is That
24. The Spirits Of Rhythm – Junk Man
25. Jimmy Williams – Big Legged Woman
26. Harold “Thunderbird” Ward – How Wild Can A Woman Be
27. Bobby Mitchell – No No No
28. Hurricane Harry – The Last Meal
29. Richard Berry – The Big Break
30. Smiley Lewis – Down The Road



R&B Hell Raisers Volume 2 (KM-CD-191) from Koko Mojo Records features thirty bawdy Rhythm & Blues titles which are in the same vain as volume one. The early year songs are from 1934 (one song), 1947 (two songs) with the balance being from 1950 through to 1961. The album has several musical focuses; drinking, drugs, relationships, sex, murder, and incarceration. The artists range from well-known; Cab Calloway, and Smiley Lewis, the known to collectors, Crawford Brothers, and the Three Bits of Rhythm, and the great-unknowns for the general music fan, Bobby Smith, and Jimmy (Mr. Blues) Williams. Most importantly the album contains music from that will move your feet and capture your ears attention!



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