Warren Storm – The Bad Times Make The Good Times: Classic Texas Recordings 1964-1986 (2CDs)


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Release Year: 2015

Label: Ace Records

Track List

Disc 1

  1. The Gypsy
  2. I Walk Alone
  3. Love Me Cherry
  4. Jack And Jill
  5. Four Dried Beans
  6. Don’t Fall In Love
  7. Love Rules The Heart
  8. Slow Down
  9. Your Kind Of Love
  10. Memory Tree
  11. They Won’t Let Me In
  12. Sitting Here On The Ceiling (Ain’t It Weird)
  13. The Bad Times Make The Good Times
  14. Honky Tonk Song
  15. Prisoner’s Song
  16. Tennessee Waltz
  17. Don’t Let It End This Way
  18. Mister Cupid
  19. Rip It Up
  20. My Far Away Cow
  21. Dr. Feelgood
  22. Make It Right

Disc 2

  1. Family Rules
  2. I’ve Shed So Many Tears
  3. We’ll Sing In The Sunshine
  4. Things Have Gone To Pieces
  5. Please Mr Sandman
  6. But I Do
  7. Think It Over
  8. He’s Got Nothing On Me But You
  9. King Of The Dance Halls
  10. My Heart Is Bleeding
  11. Blue Monday
  12. You Can’t Get Here From There
  13. (If I Ever Needed You) I Need You Now
  14. Medley: Stop And Think It Over/ Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
  15. My Sinkin’ Ship
  16. The Rains Came
  17. Just A Moment
  18. Jealous Woman
  19. Sometimes A Picker Just Can’t Win
  20. I’m Not Just Woman Hungry (I’m Starving To Death)
  21. (I Can’t Treat You Like A Lady) You Need Someone Who’ll Be Mean To You
  22. If You Really Want Me To I’ll Go

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