Yusuf/Cat Stevens – King Of A Land (Limited Edition Green Vinyl + Booklet)


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Release Date:  2023

Label:  BMG


Track List

Side A

  1. Train on a Hill
  2. King of a Land
  3. Pagan Run
  4. He Is True
  5. All Nights, All Days
  6. Another Night in the Rain

Side B

  1. Things
  2. Son of Mary
  3. Highness
  4. The Boy Who Knew How to Climb Walls
  5. How Good It Feels
  6. Take the World Apart



King of a Land is an epic body of work. More than a decade in the making, it’s 12 new songs are full of extraordinary surprises. Unique and transportive, Yusuf’s music, words and melodies paint a vivid picture of a world which embraces the lost lands of truisms and stainless youth, and brings it into touching distance. His poetical storytelling invites the listener on a journey towards the gates of an alternative universe to that which we presently inhabit – where happy endings can possibly happen. From the gloriously unexpected hard-rock intensity of ‘Pagan Run’ to the Tchaikovsky-inspired orchestration on ‘How Good It Feels’, the delicate acoustic balladry of ‘He Is True’ through to the driving Phil Spector-goes-gospel vibe of ‘Highness’, the Travelling Wilburys-styled rolling Americana groove of ‘All Nights, All Days’, and the ornate, atmospheric ‘Son Of Mary’, ‘King of a Land’ is an epic body of work. The album’s artwork was created by Peter H Reynolds, the award-winning children’s illustrator. As well as the cover art, Peter has created illustrations for each song portraying the album’s lyrical themes that feature in the record’s accompanying booklet. The vinyl and booklet are housed in a gatefold sleeve.

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