Zachary Richard – Cap Enrage (CD)


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Release Date: 2012

Label: RZ Records


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This disc is quite possibly the best piece of work that Zachary Richard has done. This Louisiana Cajun musician went back to Canada to make this disc, but then again, that is where the Cajun people originally migrated from, and that is where Richard made his first recordings. The whole disc is done in the French language, but at the same time it is such a beautiful and heartfelt work that it is eminently accessible even if you don’t speak French. Make no mistake, this is very likeable music from his two albums on Rounder Records, Mardi Gras Mambo and Zack’s Bon Ton, right on through Women in the Room and Snake Bite Love. The latter two were some of his best work, but this disc leaves the others squatting on their haunches at the starting gate. His voice is gaining a greater range of expressiveness with the experience and wear the years have piled onto it. He sings with a controlled fervor here, and the sparse arrangements and instrumentation are the perfect complements to his expressive singing, particularly on the slow to midtempo numbers. Richard wrote or co-wrote all but two songs on the disc, and you know these songs come from his heart, whether you understand the language or not. Do not be put off by the language — grab this one, because it’s worth it.

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