Amina Figarova – Another Me (CD)


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Release Date: 1998

Label: Amfi Records


Track List

  1. Nomads
  2. Another Me
  3. Could You
  4. Grey Circle
  5. Southern Dreams
  6. Say No
  7. The Touch
  8. Invisible
  9. If You Get It
  10. Talkin’ Bass
  11. Calling You



In 1998, Amina released a second album titled ”Another Me”, which is a synthesis of rhythmic music and fusion. All the songs from this album were written by Amina herself under the influence of jazz, Latin rhythms and reggae.

All compositions by Amina Figarova, except ”Southern Dreams” by Amina Figarova and Hans Eijkenaar, recorded in 1996 in The Netherlands.
Special appearances by Tony Ward (vocals) and Raymond Blahwetz (percussion) on ”Could You”, ”Nomads” and ”Calling You”
Arrangements by Hans Eijkenaar and Amina Figarova
Produced by Hans Eijkenaar

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