Beausoleil – Evangeline Waltz (2CD Set)


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Release Date: 2020

Label: Sunset Blvd.


Track List

Disc: 1

  1. Acadian Two-Step
  2. La Valse De Port Arthur
  3. Peux Pas Me Refuser
  4. Plus Tu Tournes
  5. Que Tortue
  6. KLFY Waltz
  7. Sur Le Courtableau
  8. Evangeline Waltz
  9. Chanson D’Acadie
  10. Le Reel De Nez Pique
  11. La Valse Des Grandes Meches
  12. Le Jig Francais
  13. Madame Soustain
  14. Jeunes Filles De La Campagne
  15. Le Soleil Brille
  16. Bye, Bye Boozoo

Disc: 2

  1. Menage A Trois Reels
  2. Chere Bebe Creole
  3. Reel De Dennis McGee
  4. Angela’s Waltz
  5. Cajun Crawl
  6. Pauline
  7. Grand Mallett
  8. Freeman’s Zydeco
  9. You Make Me Laugh
  10. L’Amour Ou La Folie
  11. Chez Seychelles
  12. Quoi Faire?
  13. Grand Mamou
  14. Zydeco Gris-Gris
  15. Mardi Gras Song
  16. Bye Bye Tune
  17. Fall On My Knees



  • Michael Doucet – vocals, violin, guitar, accordion
  • David Doucet – guitar, vocals
  • Jimmy Breaux – accordion
  • Billy Ware – percussion
  • Tommy Alesi – drums
  • Mitch Reed – bass, fiddle, banjo, electric guitar
  • Bill Bennett – sound tech, techinal support



Two CDs. Recorded live in the band’s hometown of Baton Rogue, LA. 2 Time Grammy Award winning Beausoleil introduced traditional Cajun music to the world outside of their native Louisiana. Combining Southern country and folk music with traditional songs from France’s Brittany region Beausoleil is well known in Performing Art Centers as a premier live act; there is no better way to experience them! Evangeline Waltz is a recording that captures them in their element, playing in front of an enthusiastic audience. Led by Michael Doucet’s driving fiddle and powerful vocals, Beausoleil deliver a delightful set of 34 songs, including the irresistible call to dance ‘Acadian Two Step.. The sound quality of the CD is excellent, and you can hear every nuance of the concert, from the way accordionist Jimmy Breaux and Doucet trade phrases, to the subtle interplay of the various instruments.



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