Bruce Daigrepont – Petit Cadeau


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Release Date:  1994

Label:  Rounder Records


Track List

1 Tipitina Two-Step 2:21
2 Nonc Willie 3:19
3 Mon Dernier Bonsoir 2:15
4 Le Petit Cadeau 2:49
5 perrodin Two-Step 1:37
6 Barres de la Prison 3:48
7 Bonjour Dimanche 3:41
8 la Clef de Mon Coeur 2:40
9 Bébé (De La Famille) 3:15
10 Petit Mamou 2:59
11 Le Coeur de la Louisiane 2:39
12 Un Vieux Ami 3:23
13 Voyager 2:20
14 Le Temps Est Après Marcher 2:47



  • Bruce Daigrepont – accordion, vocals
  • Mike Burch – drums
  • John Frederick – fiddle, frottoir
  • Scott Goudeau – bass
  • George Herd – harmonica
  • Clarence Junior Martin – steel guitar
  • Amasa Miller – marimba, piano
  • Ken Smith – fiddle
  • Waylon Thibodeaux – vocal harmony



Attend the fais do-do at Tipitina’s in uptown New Orleans on any Sunday afternoon and you will hear the accordion of Cajun musician Bruce Daigrepont. The award-winning Daigrepont and his band are there every week, providing the dance music for a diverse crowd of younger and older Cajun music enthusiasts. Daigrepont has made his mark writing and singing in his traditional French language, bringing the music of his people to a wide audience. This is the artist’s third CD, and in it there is a nod to the Sunday afternoon dances at the renowned club with the tune “Tipitina Two Step.” But the inspiration for the CD is Daigrepont’s baby daughter, to whom the record is dedicated. Hence the title, which translates to “Little Gift.” She is destined to grow up immersed in her culture and music, with both her father and mother performing Cajun music. Sue Daigrepont plays rub board in her husband’s band. Most of the songs on the record are penned by Bruce Daigrepont, who sees writing good songs as his real contribution to Cajun music. His focus on that endeavor has won him many adherents in Canada, from which his ancestors came, as well as in southwest Louisiana. His broad appeal has assured great exposure for the Cajun culture he so loves. The disc, with joyous accordion and fiddle out front, contains excellent tunes for dancing or singing along. These include “Le Coeur de la Louisiane,” ” Le Temps Est Apres Marcher,” and “Bébé (De la Famile)” — referring of course to that petite cadeau.

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