Buena Vista Social Club – Buena Vista Social Club 25th Anniversary Edition (Vinyl 2-LP Set)


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*This is a Vinyl LP*

Release Date:  2021

Label:  World Circuit


Track List

Side A

A1. Chan Chan 4:18
A2. De Camino A La Vereda 5:03
A3. El Cuarto De Tula 7:25
A4. Pueblo Nuevo 6:06

Side B

B1. Dos Gardenias 3:04
B2. ¿Y Tú Qué Has Hecho? 3:15
B3. Veinte Años 3:31
B4. El Carretero 3:30
B5. Candela 5:29

Side C

C1. Amor De Loca Juventud 3:23
C2. Orgullecida 3:19
C3. Murmullo 3:51
C4. Buena Vista Social Club 4:52
C5. La Bayames 2:54

Side D

D1. Vicenta
D2. La Pluma
D3. A Tus Pies
D4. La Cleptómana
D5. Orgullecida (Alternate Trio Take)



Alberto “Virgilio” Valdés, Barbarito Torres, Benito Suarez Magana, Carlos González, Compay Segundo, Eliades Ochoa, Ibrahim Ferrer, Joachim Cooder, Juan de Marcos Gonzàlez, Julienne Oviedo Sanchez, Julio Alberto Fernandez, Luis Barzaga, Lázaro Villa, Mañuel ‘Guajiro’ Mirabal, Manuel ‘Puntillita’ Licea, Omara Portuondo, Orlando “Cachaíto” López, Rubén González, Salvador Repilado Labrada



25th Anniversary Edition 180g 2LP Includes:
• The original album remastered by Bernie Grundman
• 5 bonus tracks taken from the original 1996 session tapes
• 20 page booklet featuring new liner notes, photos, song notes & lyrics



This album is named after a members-only club that was opened in Havana in pre-Castro times, a period of unbelievable musical activity in Cuba. While bandleader Desi Arnaz became a huge hit in the States, several equally talented musicians never saw success outside their native country, and have had nothing but their music to sustain them during the Castro reign. Ry Cooder went to Cuba to record a musical documentary of these performers. Many of the musicians on this album have been playing for more than a half century, and they sing and play with an obvious love for the material. Cooder could have recorded these songs without paying the musicians a cent; one can imagine them jumping up and grabbing for their instruments at the slightest opportunity, just to play. Most of the songs are a real treasure, traversing a lot of ground in Cuba’s musical history. There’s the opening tune, “Chan Chan,” a composition by 89-year-old Compay Segundo, who was a bandleader in the ’50s; the cover of the early-’50s tune “De Camino a la Verada,” sung by the 72-year-old composer Ibrahim Ferrer, who interrupted his daily walk through Havana just long enough to record; or the amazing piano playing on “Pablo Nuevo” by 77-year-old Rubén González, who has a unique style that blends jazz, mambo, and a certain amount of playfulness. All of these songs were recorded live — some of them in the musicians’ small apartments — and the sound is incredibly deep and rich, something that would have been lost in digital recording and overdubbing. Cooder brought just the right amount of reverence to this material, and it shows in his production, playing, and detailed liner notes. If you get one album of Cuban music, this should be the one.       Steve McMullen

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