Curtis Mayfield – People Get Ready: The Best Of Curtis Mayfield’s Impressions (2CD Set)


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Release Date: 2013

Label: Spectrum Music


Track List

Disc: 1

  1. Gypsy Woman
  2. It’s All Right
  3. Meeting Over Yonder
  4. Keep On Pushing
  5. I’m So Proud
  6. Minstrel And Queen
  7. Little Young Lover
  8. I’m The One Who Loves You
  9. Talking About My Baby
  10. That’s What Love Will
  11. Girl You Don’t Know Me
  12. A Woman Who Loves Me
  13. Sad Sad Girl And Boy
  14. You Must Believe Me
  15. Ten To One
  16. Dedicate My Song To You
  17. Grow Closer Together
  18. Long Long Winter
  19. I’ve Been Trying
  20. Amen

Disc: 2

  1. People Get Ready
  2. You’ve Been Cheatin’
  3. Sermonette
  4. Can’t Satisfy
  5. I Made A Mistake
  6. Woman’s Got Soul
  7. Ridin’ High
  8. I Need To Belong To Someone
  9. Too Slow
  10. I Need You
  11. Since I Lost The One I Love
  12. Never Could You Be
  13. Just One Kiss From You
  14. This Must End
  15. You Always Hurt Me
  16. We’re Rolling On (Part One)
  17. You Ought To Be In Heaven
  18. Nothing Can Stop Me
  19. I Loved And I Lost
  20. We’re A Winner



UK two CD collection. Lead by Curtis Mayfield, the Impressions are one of the most important harmony groups in the history of popular music, racking up 14 US Top 40 hits and numerous R&B chart riders. Much more importantly they crafted and defined a sound that became a Soul template which influenced countless other artists across all genres, including the likes of Kanye West, the Jam, Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. This comprehensive collection features their finest output from the ’60’s including ‘People Get Ready’, ‘Gypsy Woman’, ‘It’s All Right’ and ‘We’re a Winner’.

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