Dewey Balfa, Marc Savoy & D.L. Menard – Under A Green Oak Tree


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Release Date:  1989

Label:  Arhoolie Records


Track List

1 Chameaux One-Step
2 J’Ai Passé Devant Ta Porte
3 J’ai Fait Un Gros Erreur
4 Cajun Reel
5 Mes Petits Yeux Noirs
6 Lake Arthur Stomp
7 Jolie Blonde De Bayou
8 Petite Fille De La Campagne
9 Ma Chère Maman Créole
10 Je Peux Pas T’oublier
11 Liberty
12 Mon Bon Vieux Mari
13 En Bas Du Chêne Vert
14 Mardi Gras Jig
15 La Valse À Pop
16 Port Arthur Blues
17 Dans Le Coeur De La Ville
18 La Porte Dans Arrière
19 J’Etais Au Bal



  • Dewey Balfa – fiddle, vocals
  • Marc Savoy – accordion, fiddle
  • D.L. Menard – guitar, vocals
  • Jerry Whiten – string bass



En Bas Du Chene Vert (Under A Green Oak Tree) is one of the finest recordings ever made of traditional Cajun music. The artists represent the best of three generations of Cajun musicmaking.

Fiddle player Dewey Balfa and his two brothers were known as the Balfa Brothers, one the greatest bands of the genre. Their tremendous, decades-long career ended only with the tragic deaths of Will and Rodney Balfa in a 1979 car accident. Guitarist Menard is often called the Cajun Hank Williams and the comparison is justified, as his vocals share the lonesome and blue sound of country’s greatest artist. Menard is also a tremendous songwriter and his tunes are the highlights of this release. Marc Savoy is the youngest of the three and wisely defers to the two legends, but his accordian and fiddle playing provides the energy and beauty that pervades this entire album.

Menard and Balfa trade off on lead vocals, and their contrasting styles adds to the appeal. Supported only by a bass player, the three men offer the traditional dance music that would have sounded just dandy a century ago, and sounds even better now. This 1976 recording is a classic, and if you purchase it you will not be disappointed.

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