Lynn August – Creole People


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Release Date:  1998

Label:  AIM Records


Track List

1. Creole People
2. Miguen
3. That’s Where It’s at
4. Matlin
5. Mosquito
6. Trust in the Lord
7. Hey Mama
8. Wole Up This Morning
9. Amazon Annie
10. Tu Le Ton Son Ton
11. Zydeco Bagaloo
12. Lemonade
13. Going Back to Big Mamou



Louisiana’s Lynn August might just well be the state’s best kept musical
secret. Although he’s been recording superb soul, swamp pop, gospel, R&B
and zydeco since the mid 1960’s, mysteriously he hasn’t yet attained the
success afforded to less talented artists. Hopefully that situation will change
with the release of Creole People. Adept at playing numerous instruments,
and several styles of music, August’s versatility is especially evident here.
“I love being around the studio and I enjoyed the challenge of recording
myself,” said August. “We recorded at Studio in the Country, in Bogalusa
(Louisiana). Tommy Richard was on guitar, Carmen Jacobs on drums,
William Breaux on drums, and my son on rubboard. That was my band. We
recorded on analog tape, analog has a much warmer feel than when you
record digitally.” “I like to use as much of my ability as I can when I record. I
played keyboards and accordion on it. I also covered several styles.” “I’m
especially proud of the song ‘Creole People’, I wrote that during the session.
I’d been to Africa earlier in the year for eight weeks on a cultural exchange
tour sponsored by the State Department. I found out that there were Creole
people in parts of Africa that spoke French the same way we do in Louisiana,
cooked and ate the same kind of food we do, and grew the same crops like
okra and sugar cane. I really learned from that trip.
“People say zydeco came from the cajuns and the black people that came to
Louisiana, but I know it came from the Creole people that they brought here
from Africa. Like the song says Creole people want to be recognized for
ourselves. We’re not black, we’re not white, we have our own culture. We
have different food and music and on Saturday night, we go to the zydeco.”

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