Mike Dillon – Rosewood


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Release Date: 2020

Label: Royal Potato


Track List

1. Tiki Bird Whistle
2. Beignet’s Bounce
3. Mulatu Goes To India
4. St. Claude’s Drone
5. Vibes At The End Of The World
6. Hurt
7. Rumba For Peregrine
8. Earl’s Bolero
9. Bonobo
10. Talking To Mary
11. Sober Mardi Gras
12. Tony Allen At The Music Box
13. Can’t Make A Sound



  • Mike Dillon – vibraphones, marimbas, xylophone, timpani, bells, percussion
  • Earl Harvin – drums, cymbals



Mike Dillon’s latest album ‘Rosewood’ musically signifies transition and transformation. The 13-track collection was written and recorded during a period of profound change. Dillon found himself relocating from his fourteen year base in New Orleans to his current residence in Kansas City. This coincided with the beginning a new relationship that would result in marriage. Recorded intermittently between January 2018 and September 2019, its 13 majestic tracks swirl with the tangled and bittersweet emotions of one chapter ending as another began. Dillon created the album solely with vibraphone and percussion instruments and titled the record ‘Rosewood’ after the type of lumber used to make marimba bars.










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