Nina Simone – At The Village Gate (Vinyl LP)


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Release Date:  2021

Label:  20th Century Masterworks


Track List

Side A

  1. Just In Time
  2. He Was Too Good To Me
  3. House Of The Rising Sun
  4. Bye Bye Blackbird
  5. Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair

Side B

  1. Brown Baby
  2. Zungo
  3. If He Changed My Name
  4. Children Go Where I Send You
  5. Summertime (part 1 & 2)



The breathtaking originality of the second half of the show is whatmakes this album great. Opening withOscar Brown, Jr.’s “Brown Baby” and then Michael Olatunji’s “Zungo” and delivering a long version of another traditional song “Children, Go Where I Send You”, Simone makes a profound stand on the black musical tradition, drawing on her deep reading in Frantz Fanon’s auto-theory and Léopold Senghor’s ideas on négritude to create a body of work that transcends jazz styles and critical pigeonholes. She was unique, but only because she drew on multitudes.” – Penguin Guide to Jazz

“Always surprising, but nevertheless totally coherent and devoid of any artifice, At the Village Gate is one of the most emblematic albums recorded by the unparalleled talent of Nina Simone.” – Jazz Magazine


  • Nina Simone – vocals & piano
  • Al Schackman – guitar
  • Chris White – bass
  • Rob Hamilton – drums

The Village Gate, New York, April 1961.

  • (*) Bonus tracks:
  • Nina Simone (p, voc); Wilbur Ware (b); Ben Riley (d)
  • Town Hall, New York, September 12, 1959.
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