Original Dixieland Jazz Band – The Essential Collection ( 2 CD Set )


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Release Date: 2006

Label: Avid


Track List

Disc: 1

1. Livery Stable Blues
2. Dixie Jass Band One Step
3. Darktown Strutters. Ball
4. Indiana
5. Ostrich Walk
6. At The Jazz Band Ball
7. Soudan [Originally issued as Oriental Jazz]
8. At The Jazz Band Ball
9. Ostrich Walk
10. Skeleton Jangle
11. Tiger Rag
12. Bluin. The Blues
13. Fidgety Feet
14. Sensation Rag
15. Mournin. Blues
16. Clarinet Marmalade
17. Lazy Diddy
18. Look At .Em Doing It
19. Tiger Rag
20. Satanic Blues
21. .Lasses Candy
22. My Baby.s Arms
23. Tell Me
24. I.ve Got My Captain Working For Me Now

Disc: 2

1. I.m Forever Blowing Bubbles
2. Mammy O.Mine
3. I.ve Lost My Heart In Dixieland
4. Sphinx
5. Alice Blue Gown
6. Soudan
7. Broadway Rose [Intro Dolly, I Love You]
8. Sweet Mama (Papa.s Getting Mad) [Intro Strut, Miss Lizzie]
9. Home Again Blues [Intro Lindy]
10. Crazy Blues [Intro It.s Right Here For You]
11. Jazz Me Blues
12. St Louis Blues
13. Royal Garden Blues
14. Dangerous Blues
15. Bow Wow Blues (My Mama Treats Me Like A Dog)
16. Toddlin. Blues
17. Some Of These Days
18. Tiger Rag
19. Barnyard Blues
20. Skeleton Jangle
21. Clarinet Marmalade
22. Bluin. The Blues
23. Tiger Rag
24. Barnyard Blues
25. Original Dixieland One-Step



  • Dominic James ‘Nick’ LaRocca – cornet
  • Edwin Bransford ‘Daddy’ Edwards – trombone
  • Larry ‘Pat’ Shields – clarinet
  • Henry W. Ragas – piano
  • Tony Sbarbaro – drums



AVID Entertainment.s new West End series moves from strength to strength with this laterst release from the legendary (and controversial) .Creators of Jazz. The Original Dixieland JazzBand.
Led by cornetist Nick La Rocca, the ODJB released what is acknowledged as the very first jazz record in 1917, both sides of which open our double CD. The band caused a sensation and went on to define the Roaring 20.s and set in motion the beginning of the Jazz Age.


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