Robert Finley – Goin’ Platinum (Vinyl LP)


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Release Date:  2017

Label:  Easy Eye Sound


Track List

Side A

  1. Get It While You Can
  2. Medicine Woman
  3. If You Forget My Love
  4. Three Jumpers
  5. Honey, Let Me Stay the Night

Side B

  1. You Don’t Have to Do Right
  2. Complications
  3. Real Love Is Like Hard Time
  4. Empty Arms
  5. Holy Wine



Produced by Dan Auerbach

The newest effort from the soon-to-be legendary soul singer Robert Finley and his crack band of geniuses. From the lovelorn bombast of “If You Forget My Love” to the soul-stirring “Medicine Woman,” and the home-on-the-road ripper “Empty Arms” to the yearning “Honey Let Me Stay the Night,” all capped by the epic closer “Holy Wine,” featuring Finley’s ethereal falsetto, Finley’s performance left producer Dan Auerbach speechless — as it will anyone who lays ears to it.

As for the album title, Auerbach, guitarist/vocalist for the Black Keys, gives all credit to Finley and his huge but wholly considerate personality. “He was just beaming from the second he walked in the door,” Auerbach says. “Every time he’d listen to playback, he’d say, ‘It’s goin’ platinum.’ That was his catch phrase.”

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