Rosie Ledet – Zydeco Sensation


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Release Date:  1997

Label:  Maison de Soul


Track List

1 Brown Eyed Boy 3:03
2 Leave Me Alone 3:56
3 Roll It Over 3:08
4 Sweetheart Style 4:01
5 My Joy Box 2:31
6 Old Love 3:28
7 Sweet Baby Mine 3:32
8 Bad Weather 3:28
9 I Wish It Was Me 2:33
10 I Miss You 3:35
11 Bayou Blues 4:18
12 Stay With Me 5:06



  • Rosie Ledet – accordion, vocals
  • Kent Pierre August – rhythm guitar
  • Bobby “BB” Broussard – guitar, rhythm guitar
  • Corey Ledet – drums, scrubboard
  • Lanice Ledet – scrubboard
  • Morris Ledet – bass



Rosie Ledet’s playing is solid, and her singing is soulful, if untrained. But what she brings to this music is not your bayou-variety heat. “Roll It Over” and “My Joy Box” churn insistently while Ledet purrs and moans. “Sweetheart Style” shows that she can also be a tad more subtle, though for the most part the thrust of Zydeco Sensation is sex. This is a good thing. The chugging rhythms work well with her choice of lyrics. The sound is sparse, and a tad underproduced, though this doesn’t detract from this memorable music whatsoever.

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