Shannon McNally – Live: North American Ghost Music (CD)


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Release Date: 2006

Label: Back Porch Records

Track List

  1. Bolder Than Paradise
  2. Weathervane
  3. The Last Lonely Eagle
  4. Sweet Forgiveness
  5. My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
  6. Pale Moon
  7. Down And Dirty
  8. Leave Your bags By The Door
  9. Geronimo



Drawing on the defiant spirits of outlaws and visionaries, Shannon McNally takes her listeners on a timeless and haunting journey through her self-coined North American Ghost Music. Armed with a spine tingling voice, easy inner beauty, and songs that linger, McNally’s soul-wrenching vocals and uncanny songwriting sensibilities have cast a spell on audiences around the country. For the first time, McNally offers US the chance to savor her live performances on NORTH AMERICAN GHOST MUSIC, featuring an eclectic mix of fan- favorite originals such as Geronimo alongside wistful takes on My Heroes’ Have Always Been Cowboys and the Last Lonely Eagle.

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