Tab Benoit, Jimmy Thackery – Whiskey Store Live


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Release Date – 2004

Label: Telarc


Track List

  1. Freddy’s Combo
  2. I Got Loaded
  3. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
  4. Bone Pickin’
  5. Away, Way Too Long
  6. Strange Things Happen
  7. Bayou Boogie
  8. These Arms Of Mine
  9. Whiskey Store



  • Tab Benoit – guitar, vocals
  • Jimmy Thackery – guitar, vocals
  • Jimmy Carpenter – saxophone
  • Ken Faltinson – B3
  • Carl Dufrene – bass
  • Darryl White – drums
  • Mark Stutso – drums



At first glace, the combination of blues-roots guitarists Tab Benoit and Jimmy Thackery doesn’t seem like a logical one. Both are barnstorming bandleaders, and Benoit’s clipped Louisiana Telecaster would appear to be at odds with Thackery’s tougher Strat attack. But, as 2002’s Whiskey Store collaboration proved, the duo’s strengths complement, even invigorate each other. The resulting tour is captured here, in all its volatile glory. Both headliners, along with gutsy saxist Jimmy Carpenter and dynamic B3 organist Ken Faltinson, are in smashing form. As you would expect, the studio work is expanded, extended, and juiced with additional moonshine for the live experience. Benoit’s more palatable vocals dominate, and his gripping version of Otis Redding’s “These Arms of Mine” is the show’s most emotionally stirring performance. But blues guitar lovers aren’t aboard just for the poignant moments; they want pyrotechnics, which are abundantly provided as well. From the fiery double-time explosion of a nine-minute “Bayou Boogie” to the feverish swamp funk of “Bone Pickin'” and the stealthy, slow burn of the title track, this is a breathtaking picking extravaganza offering plentiful proof of each artist’s speed, dexterity and collaborative discipline.

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