Ted Hefko and the Thousandaires – Egyptland


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Release Date:  2009

Label:  Onager Records


Track List

  1. The Roofer
  2. Egyptland
  3. Wet Wool In rain
  4. Twenty Three Dollars and Twenty Three Cents
  5. The Short Man’s Complex
  6. Bad Kids
  7. Losin’ Hold
  8. New Orleans East
  9. Big Shoes



Ted Hefko: lead vocals tenor sax (1,5,9) flute (2) piano (8) lead guitar (3,8) clarinet (2) synth cello (2) synth. bass (8) acoustic guitar (2,3,4,7)
Nick Russo: elect. guitar (1,5,9)
Adam Ahrens: highstrung guitar (2) elect. guitar (4,7) National steel guitar (6)
Scott Patterson: keyboard (3)
Ben Rubin: elec. bass (1,5)
Kenneth Bentley: elec. bass (3)
Eric Przygocki: upright bass (4,6,7)
Peter Maness: acoustic bass (9)
Diego Voglino: drums (1,5)
Jason Ewald: rhythm guitar (8) drums & percussio (3,8,9)
Cameron Dennis: drums (4)



Egyptland is a collection of scenes and stories set in New Orleans, where saxophonist turned songwriter, Ted Hefko, made his home for some ten years. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a decade’s worth of ideas began to fit together to personify a city and a period in the author’s life. Recorded in an era when living room studios began to rival the fidelity afforded our favorite artists and works of yesteryear, each track on Egyptland represents a collaboration with a close friend or two in an intimate setting. The songs on this album are as varied as the sounds emanating from the myriad of storefront concert halls lining the way on an evening jaunt down New Orleans’s Frenchmen street.

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