Terrance Simien’s Krewe De Monifique – Ancestral Grooves


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Release Date: 2021

Label: Independent


Track List

  1. Tomber Amour Encore/Fell In Love Again (Terrance Simien, Danny Williams)
  2. Li’l Liza Jane, feat. James Andrews (Countess Ada de Lachau, 1916)
  3. Motor Dude Special feat. Keith Frank (Boozoo Chavis)
  4. Bonsoir Moreau feat. Marcella Simien (Ardoin and Fontenot) 
  5. Miss Lolly Pop feat. James Andrews (James Andrews) 
  6. Bon Ton Roula/Let The Good Times Roll, feat. Marcella Simien (Clarence Garlow, 1959)
  7. Creole Country (Terrance Simien, Danny Williams)
  8. Caribbean Second Line feat. James Andrews (James Andrews)
  9. Tribute to Art, Allen and Mac feat. Marcella Simien (Allen Toussaint, Mac Rebbenack)  *All These Things, Southern Nights, Such A Night


The Magnificent Krewe:

James Andrews (AKA 12, Satchmo of the Ghetto or Troy’s big bro), Keith Frank (AKA The Zydeco Boss), Marcella Simien, Danny Williams (AKA D), Stan Chambers, Lance Ellis, Ian Molinaro – Thompson ( AKA Youngblood or Ian MT), Curtis Watson, Anne Harris, Brad Frank, Jose Alvarez, Roger Lewis (Dirty Dozen Brass Band ), Jennifer Frank Ledet, George Receli (Bob Dylan), Shelton Sonnier, Dexter Ardoin, Revon Andrews, Edward Jackson, Bernard Adams, Glen Finister Andrews (AKA Buddha) Glen Hall, Tyreek Andrews. A world of thanks to all of these remarkably talented artists, for their support of this challenging project and their generous spirits. Big love to Krewe!



Who: Terrance Simien’s Krewe De Monifique* super group boasts a line up of some of the most notable and accomplished artists in American roots music today! Krewe De Monifique is 23 artists. 21 people of color. 4 women. One of these women who is co-producing, also gave us the title of the album. Yes, we know there should def be more women and we promise to do better next time – no excuses. But trust us, these 4 are warriors; mighty and fierce! In this Krewe there are also 7 multiple GRAMMY award winning artists and producers. There are New Orleans brass band and jazz legends, zydeco OG’s and some of the baddest emerging artists all lending their extraordinary skills to these songs. And where there is music, there is love and where there is love, there is family – and we’ve got that fam thing goin on here too y’all! Terrance’s daughter, James’ cousins and nephews, and Keith’s siblings are all contributing to these ancestral grooves.

What: A first of its kind, explosive collaboration of zydeco and New Orleans brass band; the Black roots music of our African American and French speaking Louisiana Creole ancestors. Original songs and stellar covers that connect the Black and multicultural Creole culture, history and music heritage of of rural South Louisiana and New Orleans. Just an FYI,  Terrance has had horns on tour and in his band for several years now, making this an even more natural collab. 




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