The New Orleans Nightcrawlers – Too Much Too Hold (Vinyl LP)


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*This is a vinyl LP*

Release Date: 2023

Label: Independent


Track List

Side A

  1. Too Much To Hold
  2. Para Donde Vas
  3. Vibe


Side B

  1. Smooth Like A Pelican Legacy Mix
  2. So Swell
  3. N. Rampart Street
  4. Smooth Like A Pelican Remix



  • Jason Mingledorff – tenor sax
  • Brent Rose – tenor sax
  • Craig Klein – trombone, vocals track 5
  • Miles Lyons – trombone
  • Barney Floyd – trumpet
  • Kevin Clark – trumpet
  • Matt Perrine – sousaphone
  • Kerry “Fatman” Hunter – snare drum
  • Cayetano “Tanio” Hingle – bass drum, vocals tracks 4,7

Special Guest

  • Yusa – vocals, tres guitar, track 2
  • Jafet Perez – congas, bongo, guira, tambora, tracks 1,2,3,5
  • Pell – 1st rapper tracks 4,7
  • Alfred Banks – 2nd rapper tracks 4,7
  • HaSizzle – vocals tracks 4,7
  • Ygg Tokyo – 3rd rapper track 4
  • Ari Teitel – guitar track 7



The New Orleans Nightcrawlers, one of New Orleans most innovative and exciting brass bands for almost 30 years, are excited to announce the release of “Too Much To Hold”,the much-awaited follow-up to 2020,s Grammy award winning “Atmosphere”. This album catches the Nightcrawlers on a creative streak, invigorated by the welcome resurgence of shows they’ve enjoyed, thanks both to the big Grammy win and the sudden availability to play together when the pandemic put all their other gigs on hold.

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