Various Artists – My Black Mama – 16 Classic Blues Songs From 1927-1932 (Vinyl LP)


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*This is a Vinyl LP*

Release Date:  2018

Label:  Hi Horse Records

This 180 gram vinyl release contains 16 classic blues songs from the 1920s and 1930s. The second volume features ‘My Black Mama – Part 1 & Part 2’ by Son House and 15 more classic blues songs by other great blues singers including Charley Patton, Skip James, Blind Blake, Ma Rainey and others. Miniature versions of the artwork are included on an insert. A few bonus songs are included without images, and all tracks are newly remastered from the finest copies of the original 78 rpm records.


Track List

Side A

  1. Drunken Spree (Skip James)
  2. My Black Mama (Part 1 & Part 2)(Son House)
  3. Blues, Oh Blues (Ma Rainey)
  4. Jungle Man Blues (Papa Charlie Jackson)
  5. Mamlish Blues (Ed Bell)
  6. Sitting On Top Of The World (Mississippi Sheiks)
  7. Pony Blues (Charley Patton)

Side B

  1. Lonesome Swamp Rattlesnake (Jaydee Short)
  2. Depressions Gone From Me Blues (Blind Blake)
  3. Midnight Hour Blues (Ida Cox)
  4. Half Cup Of Tea (Beale Street Sheiks)
  5. Christmas Eve Blues (Blind Lemon Jefferson)
  6. My Buddy, Blind Papa Lemon (King Solomon Hill)
  7. Ninety Nine Blues (Blind Joe Reynolds)
  8. You Gotta Have That Thing (Memphis Jug Band)
  9. Bottle It Up And Go (Memphis Jug Band)

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