Beau Jocque and The Zydeco Hi-Rollers – Zydeco Giant


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Release Date:  1999

Label:  Mardi Gras Records


Track List

  1. I’m A Girl Watcher
  2. Suzy Q
  3. Morning Train
  4. I’m So Tired Of You Doing Me Wrong
  5. I’m A Lonely Boy
  6. Pine Point Trail Ride
  7. I Ain’t Gonna Worry My Life No More
  8. The Second Line
  9. Hot Tamale Baby
  10. That’s My Car
  11. Rock Me, Baby
  12. No Good Woman
  13. Breezin’
  14. No Good Woman (Papito’s Bluff House Mix)



  • Beau Jocque – accordion, vocals
  • Wilfred “Caveman” Pierre – scrubboard, vocals
  • Chuck ” Chucky” Bush – bass, vocals
  • Mike Lockett – keyboards
  • Ray Mouton – PRS electric guitar
  • Kent Pierre Augustine – guitar
  • Eddie Bodin – drums



It opens with a funkified cover of the O’Kaysion’s 1968 “I’m a Girl Watcher,” sung–leeringly–in a basso of almost Beefheartian dimensions, and ends with a high-tech disco remix. In other words, this is NOT your father’s zydeco album. Which is not to say that Beau Jocques can’t get rootsy when he wants too; the instrumental workout “The Second Line” and the charming “Pine Point Trail Ride” (sung in French) are as traditional as it gets. Mostly, though, the music here is contemporary R&B and blues (a B. B. King-esque “Rock Me, Baby”) with an accordion up front providing Cajun seasoning.


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