Dan Rivers – I Can Still Hear The Music


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Release Year: 2015

Label: Independent

Track List

  1. Still In The Love In
  2. You Danced With Me
  3. Your Pretty Face Is Blue
  4. I Can Still Hear The Music
  5. Whisper Goodbye
  6. Sunset Village
  7. Who Rescued Who
  8. Hippie Heaven
  9. Within Me
  10. You’ve Become My Son


  • Dan Rivers – Vocals, Guitar


Most would agree that the songs of the late 1960s and early 1970s contained some of the most meaningful and powerful lyrics and themes of the 20th century. Artists like James Taylor, Carole King, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Harry Chapin and so many other folk singers wrote and sang about issues that were thought-provoking and profoundly significant. With rare exception, much of the music produced at that time has social messages that reflected the changed and mind-set of that era.

Unfortunately, the music industry of today has disregarded the lyrical themes of yesteryear. In their production of new material, the industry has chosen to focus primarily on the younger generation. Consequently, if someone who was part of the social movement of the 60s and 70s wants to enjoy music that is appealing to them, they must tune into an “oldie channel.” This is even the case with country music. The music industry seems to have forgotten that most of the 60s generation are alive and well and are still thirsty for music and lyrics with significant and meaningful social themes.

You will find that the collection of songs in “I Can Still Hear The Music” have been written and produced for not only the baby boomers, but also for those they love. Each of the songs involves a captivating and provocative theme that often presents itself late in life. While some of the songs are about painful issues that face us all, they were written and composed in a way that always sees the glass as being half full. The beautiful voice of Dan Rivers and provocative lyrics of co-writer Michael Groetsch help capture the essence of each song in a way that speaks to you heart and to the hearts of your loved one.

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