Daphne Parker Powell – The Starter Wife (CD)


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Release Date: 2023

Label: Independent


Track List

  1. Little Prince
  2. The Starter Wife
  3. Enough To Kill
  4. Something Like Heartache
  5. Sentimental Pessimism (Part 1)
  6. Clear Blue
  7. Carry My Cage
  8. Ghosting
  9. Sentimental Pessimism (Part 2)
  10. Murderer’s Row
  11. Worth The Weight



Folk-rock singer-songwriter Daphne Parker Powell, releases her sixth album, The Starter Wife, a collection of songs echoing the question of ‘what’s forever for?’

Powell shares, “This album is an exercise in ‘radical trust.’ Younger me believed his vows to have and to hold, love and cherish, through good times and bad, in sickness and health, till death do us part. He proved himself fiercely unworthy of it, and despite the myriad flags, I charged forward – heart first. Instead of choosing to steel myself against future pain, I decided to let myself stay vulnerable, and even open my heart wider than I ever had. This album is my honest look at abandonment, codependency, and grief.”

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