Dean Zucchero – Electric Church For The Spiritually Misguided (CD)


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Release Date: 2023

Label: Pugnacious Records


Track List

  1. Big Boss Boy
  2. Independence Day
  3. Craft Beer
  4. Last Minute Packer
  5. Empty Postbox
  6. La Belle Poursuite
  7. Stack It
  8. Fascist Love
  9. DBA
  10. Mortal Man
  11. American Dream



Originally from New York City and now based in New Orleans, veteran bassist, composer and producer Dean Zucchero has constructed a production edifice to showcase his savvy songwriting by conjuring up the righteousness of the New Orleans music congregation and realizing it on record.

Spanning a broad spectrum of sub-genres, Electric Church for the Spiritually Misguided is a sanctuary for all those who’ve fallen astray in the abyss of “musical monotheism.” As a sidestep from the “neo-adherence” to the rigid convention of “the blues,” Electric Church generates a unified spirit through a collection of voices. The shift finds light via the Holy Trinity of songwriting, musicianship and production.

Zucchero commissioned the services of nine of his favorite regional vocalists who each croon a tune: New Orleans’ Blues statesman Johnny Sansone, Mississippi Soul-Blues legend Johnny Rawls, Zydeco master Bruce “Sunpie” Barnes and rising stars Jonathon “Boogie” Long and Ghalia Volt, to name a few. Add two instrumentals to the track list and you have the 11-song album.

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