Ghalia Volt – Shout Sister Shout! (CD)


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Release Date: 2023

Label: Ruf Records


Track List

  1. Every Cloud
  2. Changes
  3. Can’t Afford To Die
  4. Insomnia
  5. Shout Sister Shout
  6. No Happy Home
  7. She’s Holdin’ You Back
  8. Can’t Have It All
  9. Hell Is Not Gonna Deal With You
  10. Hop On A Ride
  11. Dog Ya Around
  12. Po’ Boy John



2023 release. Joshua Tree, California. A place where rock ‘n’ roll mythology is made, for better and worse. It was under these same burnished skies that Gram Parsons’ stolen body was set ablaze. Where U2 announced their bid for global infamy. And as Ghalia Volt reminds us, exactly thirty years ago, it was here that near-mythical producer and Queens Of The Stone Age conspirator David Catching founded the fabled Rancho de la Luna studio that would bring a stream of dust-blown musicians to his door like moths to a candle.

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