Joe Bonsall and the Orange Playboys – The Essential Collection


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Release Date:  2008

Label:  Swallow Records


Track List

1 Hip Et Taïaut
2 Grand Prairie Waltz
3 Chère Bassette
4 Alléman Waltz
5 Hack À Moreau
6 Circle Club Waltz
7 Tolan Waltz
8 Petite Ou la Grosse
9 Chère Tout Toute
10 Millionaire Waltz
11 Step It Fast
12 Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
13 Still Waiting For You
14 My Wedding Ring For A Souvenir
15 Bayou Pon Pon Two Step
16 La Valse Du Passé
17 Donnez-Moi Les
18 The Chickens Don’t Lay
19 I Went To The Dance Last Night
20 Road Of Life
21 Same Old Places
22 Evangeline Waltz
23 Ton ‘Tit Bec Est Doux
24 You Can Blame Yourself
25 Dodge City Waltz
26 Your Picture
27 Over The Waves



Joe Bonsall was born in June 1921 in Lake Arthur, LA. He began playing music at the age of nine, playing the triangle (‘tit-fer) while his mother played the accordion. He soon learned the accordion, the guitar, and violin and played with Lawrence Walker and Joe Falcon at the age of 14.

In 1963, Joe Bonsall contacted John “Tee Bruce” Broussard and asked him to produce recordings and help promote Joe Bonsall and the Orange Playboys. Tee Bruce contacted Floyd Soileau, Swallow Records owner, and partnered to produce records of Joe Bonsall for Swallow label. His popularity grew with each new record release.

As an acknowledgement of the master musician he was, Joe was inducted into the CAJUN MUSIC HALL OF FAME in 1981 joining other greats such as Iry Lejeune, Nathan Abshire, Lawrence Walker, and Sidney Brown.

Joe Bonsall was a strong contributor to the success of the Lake Shore Club Cajun Music Hall of Fame and after the closure of that chapter, in 1990 he co-founded the Lake Charles Chapter of the CAJUN FRENCH MUSIC ASSOCIATION (CFMA) with Phil Menard.

Joe Bonsall passed away in 1996 at the age of 75 but left behind an abundant contribution to our Cajun heritage through his music and efforts spanning over 55 years.

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