Lynn Drury – High Tide (CD)


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Release Date: 2024

Label: Independent


Track List

  1. Blue
  2. Fade
  3. High Tide
  4. Don’t Wait
  5. I Waited Too Long
  6. Love Bomb
  7. Lay Down My Weapons
  8. Great Divide
  9. Live My Life
  10. Waiting Game
  11. When It All Comes Down



  • Lynn Drury – acoustic guitar & vocals
  • Rene Coman – bass
  • Papa Mali – electric guitars, omnichord, mandolin
  • Doug Belote – drums, percussion



With her last album Dancin’ in the Kitchen, Lynn Drury showed how to write an uplifting album about life during shutdown. Appropriately, her new one is largely about getting back into the world and features an outgoing sound to match.

“Live My Life” in particular captures the feelings many of us had when the doors swung open again: The lyrics swing from “I don’t want to live my life in front of a screen” to “I just want to feel the sun shining down on my skin—it feels so good!” Producer Papa Mali supplies an exuberant guitar solo, Drury responds with a multitracked chorus of “woo hoos’s,” and it’s the sound of pure joy.

As usual, Drury’s deep and soulful voice is the main attraction. But she’s aided this time by Mali’s savvy production, which is focused on the voice and songwriting: he barely solos elsewhere, but plays a lot of tasty, twangy licks that perfectly complement the vocals. Drummer Doug Belotte and Iguanas bassist Rene Coman complete a strong basic combo, and strings and horns are put to sparing but effective use.

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