The Savoy Family Band – Cajun Band (CD)


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Release Date: 2003

Label: Arhoolie Records


Track List

1. Lake Arthur Stomp
2. Reno Waltz
3. Catin Catin
4. Chataignier Two Step
5. Woman With A Broken Heart
6. Don’t Bury Me
7. Tout Les Deux
8. Bayou Two Step
9. Valse De Chagrin
10. Ossun Two Step
11. Willie’s Breakdown
12. Sunset Blues
13. Choupique
14. Sam’s Big Rooster
15. Midland Two Step



  • Marc savoy – accordian, fiddle
  • Ann Savoy – guitar, vocals
  • Joel Savoy – fiddle
  • Wilson Savoy – vocals, keyboards, accordion
  • Sarah Savoy – vocals, guitar



“If there is such a thing as Cajun music aristocracy Marc and Ann Savoy must be its king and queen…Marc Savoy is one of the finest Cajun accordion player of this era. He has impeccable taste is creative without ever being affected and plays as fast and hot as anyone yet his playing always sounds very relaxed as if he’s having the time of his life…If there’s a heaven then Dewey Balfa is surely smiling to hear Joel Savoy’s beautiful fiddling which evokes the Balfa brothers right down to the tone of the violin. He also gets in some swing licks on ‘Chataignier Two Step’ and seems to jazz things up the most when brother Wilson is egging him on as on ‘Ossun Two Step.’

Vocals are contributed by Ann Wilson and Sarah. Ann does the lion’s share of the singing and grounds the whole thing with her rock-solid guitar playing. Her vocals always wonderful sound even better than ever and she has written a lovely waltz ‘Woman with a Broken Heart’ the melody of whish is loosely based on Shorty LeBlanc’s ‘Soldier Waltz’ (and also brings to mind D.L. Menard’s ‘En Bas de Chene Vert.’) Wilson’s singing is strong and sure and Sarah shines on ‘Sunset Blues.’…This CD of traditional Cajun music stays true to the old-time southwest Louisiana sounds delivered with energy panache finesse and exactly the right groove.”



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