Various Artists – Allons Cajun Rock ‘N’ Roll


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Release Date:  1992

Label:  Ace Records UK


Track List

1 –Aldus Roger – Lafayette Two Step
2 –Lawrence Walker – Allons Rock ‘N’ Roll
3 –Nathan Abshire – Hip Et Taiau
4 –Blackie Forestier – Cush Cush
5 –Vin Bruce – La Fille De La Ville
6 –Aldus Roger – Lacassine Special
7 –Lawrence Walker – La Valse De Reno
8 –Rufus Thibodeaux – Lake Arthur Stomp
9 –Happy Fats – Les Veuves De La Coulee
10 –Louis Cormier – Married Life
11 –Aldus Roger – Mardi Gras Dance
12 –Aldus Roger – La Valse D’Ennui
13 –Blackie Forestier – Just Because
14 –Doc Guidry – Boil Them Cabbages Down
15 –Vin Bruce – Le Sud De La Louisianne
16 –Aldus Roger – Diga Ding Ding Dong
17 –Lawrence Walker – Mamou Two Step
18 –Blackie Forestier – Hang Your Hat
19 –Jimmy C. Newman – Grand Mamou
20 –Jimmy Breaux – Creole Stomp
21 –Michael Doucet – La Valse De KLFY
22 –Jimmy Breaux – Bosco Stomp
23 –Cajun Born – Ma Belle Evangeline
24 –Cajun Born – La Maison A Deux Portes



This CD is a compilation of dance tunes that might be heard at the dancehalls that dot the landscape of southwest Louisiana. Waltzes and two-steps are the favored dances in Cajun country, but the lively strains of rock & roll have made their way onto the bandstands to help keep the dancers happy out on the dancefloor. Groups like Beausoleil are well known for their cross pollination of musical styles. But many of the more traditional old-time musicians also incorporated elements of R&B into their music, which made their way onto this CD. The title track, “Allons Cajun Rock ‘n’ Roll,” is performed by Lawrence Walker, about as traditional a musician as they come. He puts a Cajun spin on modern America’s signature music. Other outstanding cuts include a rousing fiddle tune, “Lake Arthur Stomp,” performed by fiddle virtuoso Rufus Thibodeaux. He no doubt has no trouble with rock & roll, having performed many times with Neil Young. Nathan Abshire turns in a great accordion tune, “Hip Et Taiau.” Other Cajun music heavyweights, such as Blackie Forestier and Aldus Roger, get the dancers going with tunes such as “Hang Your Hat” and “The Mardi Gras Dance.” “Boil Dem Cabbage Down,” performed by Doc Guidry, is truly classic. And for dancing, one can do no better than Jimmy Breaux’s “Boscoe Stomp.” Get on your dancing shoes.

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