Various Artists – Rhythm ‘n’ Bluesin’ by the Bayou


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Release Date:  2013

Label:  Ace UK


Track List

1. Rockin’ Sidney & His All-Stars – Rocky
2. Tabby Thomas – I Don’t Care
3. Charles Sheffield – Give It Up
4. Elizabeth – Crazy About Love aka As Long As I’m Moving
5. Billy Tate – Right From Wrong
6. Vince Monroe – Hey Mattie
7. Blue Charlie – Whole lot Of Drinking On The Block
8. Clarence Garlow – Carry On
9. Sidney Simien & His All Stars – Make Me Understand
10. Mad Dog Sheffield – Cool Cat
11. Talton Miller – Mean Old Kokomo
12. Thaddeus Declouet – Bull Frog Bop
13. C. J. Thierry – Crazy About You Baby
14. Big Chenier – I Wanna Know, I Know Now
15. Flo – Go Cat Go
16. Sonny Martin – Why Does Everything Happen To Me
17. Jerry Morris – Cool Down Baby
18. Jimmy Anderson – Don’t Do That To Me
19. Sidney Simien & His All Stars – She’s My Morning Coffee
20. Clarence Garlow – No No Baby
21. Vince Monroe – Hard Working Girlfriend
22. Chuck Martin – Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
23. Jerry Morris – Clema
24. Elizabeth – Ain’t Got Nobody
25. Blue Charlie – Honey Bee
26. Clarence Garlow – Sound The Bell
27. Mad Dog Sheffield – Pretty Little Dolly
28. Blue Charlie – Watch That Crow



Ace dug deep into the rock & roll of Louisiana on their Boppin’ by the Bayou series, but 2013’s Rhythm ‘n’ Bluesin’ by the Bayou takes a different route, exploring the jumping blues and R&B of the African-American singers of the post-rock & roll era. Strangely, this collection of obscure sides — there are absolutely no stars or cult acts among these 28 names — are dirtier and grittier than anything on the two previous Boppin’ by the Bayou discs, rocking harder and funkier than the hillbilly cats on those collections. Here, you can hear who the singers pattern themselves after — Jimmy Anderson wants to be Jimmy Reed on “Don’t Do That to Me,” Jerry Morris’ “Clema” is a wonderfully clumsy rip on Little Richard — and that’s part of the appeal of these songs, as they’re alternately desperate attempts for a hit and simple, down-and-dirty R&B workouts. Some traces of zydeco and New Orleans R&B can be heard — Rockin’ Sidney opens this whole thing with “Rocky,” after all — but this is all pretty gritty, rocking R&B, the kind that walks the fine line between rock & roll and rhythm & blues. Much of this gets by on feel rather than song, but who wants to complain about that? There are enough strong songs here to anchor the compilation, and the whole thing raves like a never-ending party.   Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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