Meters – Cabbage Alley


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Release Date: 1972 / 2000

Label: Reprise / Sundazed


Track List

  1. You’ve Got To Change  ( You’ve Got To Reform )
  2. Stay Away
  3. Birds
  4. The Flower Song
  5. Soul Island
  6. Do The Dirt
  7. Smiling
  8. Lonesome And Unwanted People
  9. Gettin’ Funkier All The Time
  10. Cabbage Alley
  11. Chug Chug Chug-A-Lug  ( Push And Shove ) Part I
  12. Chug Chug Chug-A-Lug  ( Push And Shove ) Part II



  • Ziggy Modeliste – drums, vocals
  • Art Neville – keyboards, vocals
  • Leo Nocentelli – guitar, vocals
  • George Porter Jr. – bass, vocals
  • Cyril Neville – congas
  • Squirell – congas



Leaving Josie for Reprise did change the Meters, even if the change wasn’t necessarily for the better. They became slicker, jammier, and, in the conventional sense, funkier, even if the grit seemed to start to dissipate. So, even if this is just the Meters’ fourth album, Cabbage Alley does mark a sea-change in their outlook, bringing them fully into the ’70s and finding them sacrificing feel for texture, even if that’s a very subtle transition. Part of the problem is that the group doesn’t really have any good songs to hang their sounds onto, but, if you’re looking just for sounds and groove, Cabbage Alley doesn’t disappoint. The Meters’ overall feel might have gotten a little softer than necessary, but they still are a remarkably sympathetic, supple group and it’s a pleasure to hear them play. Still, there’s not much here outside of hearing them play, and while that’s pretty great, it’s hard not to wish that there were songs, even when they delve into smooth soul like “Birds” or when the group simply jams on mid-tempo grooves, that stood out from the pack. [Some reissues added two bonus tracks — both parts of “Chug Chug Chug-A-Lug (Push and Shove).”]

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